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hi! i'm mattie. i just joined the community. i wanted to show you guys the fanfic i've been working on. it's a work-in-progress, so i'll just post the first chapter. i have written two chapters so far. you can see the rest of my fanfic at my lj community called Meet Me in Midgar. i hope you guys like my ff.

Title of Story: Meet Me in Midgar
Author Name/Pename: Mattie
Rating: PG-13
Short Summary: Aeris is saved by a mysterious girl who seems to have many more connections to the group then they know.

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Well finally my LJ has decided to behave, and my connection isnt being such an ass. *Laughs* Anyways, I shall get into personal stuffs later but for now a fic that I wrote. Its not the usual folks. o-O And it might just be part of a tale much bigger...

Title: Flights of Memory
Author: Griff Highwind
Rating: PG13
Characters: Cid Highwind and Shera
Summary: Ten years ago, the relationship between Cid and Shera was much different, and they were two very different people...

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Hee-hee! *waves*

;*Waves* I thought I'd drop in and say hello, I'm new, see the newbie flag wave? *cough* I'm pathetic ^.^v Anyway, I saw the CidxShera story that siriusgriffon posted (really good fic, too, btw), and I just had to post my own. Mind you, I wrote it a while back (my FF.net nickname/penname/yadda is G.Zan, if you couldn't guess, lol)Originally, this fic was written in dedication to all the people who had friends/family/yadda over seas... *cough, blush, shrug* If you want the full dedication, go look at the story on FF.net, lol

Title of Story: Your Dreams, My Love
Author Name/Pename: G.Zan
Rating: PG-13 (I rate all my stories this way, just to be safe)
Short Summary: Cid writes Shera a song just before leaving for the Northern CraterSet to Cid's Theme, the sad version.
Small Warning: There's a little bit of angst.

Your Dreams, My Love (CidxShera)Collapse )

Lol and I agree with the ff.net thing- it's way too true. ;P
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Stronger than That

*Laughs* A word to the wise, never go to fanfiction.net before bedtime! Otherwise, you may end up with shit like this. Mercifully ljcut for some, this is a POV story from Cid's perepctive.

Title: Stronger than That
Author: Griff
Rating: PG (For Cid's colorful language)
Characters: Cid Highwind and Shera

Holy crap! Its a Shera/Cid x-xCollapse )
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