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Hee-hee! *waves*

;*Waves* I thought I'd drop in and say hello, I'm new, see the newbie flag wave? *cough* I'm pathetic ^.^v Anyway, I saw the CidxShera story that siriusgriffon posted (really good fic, too, btw), and I just had to post my own. Mind you, I wrote it a while back (my nickname/penname/yadda is G.Zan, if you couldn't guess, lol)Originally, this fic was written in dedication to all the people who had friends/family/yadda over seas... *cough, blush, shrug* If you want the full dedication, go look at the story on, lol

Title of Story: Your Dreams, My Love
Author Name/Pename: G.Zan
Rating: PG-13 (I rate all my stories this way, just to be safe)
Short Summary: Cid writes Shera a song just before leaving for the Northern CraterSet to Cid's Theme, the sad version.
Small Warning: There's a little bit of angst.

It was so cold...and empty...The house, like most of the world during this dire time, was deadly quiet. Not because the occupants were dead, but because the one that was still there, trying to understand her feelings for her Captain, her beloved Cid Highwind, was too tense to really say anything. For more than four months, she had been waiting for his return, waiting for the day she might be able to fix things. Make everything right again, the way it used to be.

Mend her broken heart.

No, she figured; I'm not alone. I have his song close to my heart... the one he had left in the note

The note that now lay open on the table in front of the window beside her. Deep, emotional brown eyes closed behind wire frames, trying to discern what he had written. There had been no cuss words, no foul language... just a simple song, a simple message

To follow her dreams, not himif he lost his life fighting in that crater. But she knew deep down in her very soul that he would not only return as her captain, hero of the world

But as the man she loved, the man who wrote this simple, sad, and deeply touching letter.

Their song... the one that he had once told her about. Pale pink lips turned up in a sad smile as she opened her eyes to look down at the piece of simple white paper, remembering the simple gesture that Cid Highwind had shown her just by giving her his song, the one that he had written long ago, the one meant only for such a time, such a place... Such a heart as hers.

She closed her eyes against the tears that threatened to pour down her cheeks, threatened to push away any resolve that she might have once had.

He would come back. And if he didn't... She would move on, just as he had asked her. She would move on, though her heart would be shattered and her soul torn in half with the death of the man she truly, madly, deeply loved.

Wiping furiously at her eyes, she took up the note, going to the small stereo in the living room. She quickly inserted the right CD, the sad guitar and melancholy clarinet filling her ears with the sweet, bitter sound of his song.

The song that he had told only her about. At the right beat, the right note, she opened her mouth, her eyes scanning the paper as she sung softly to no one but herself, a small part of her letting go and preparing for what was to come. Her soft, alto voice rose and fell with the song

"May you go unto your dreams
May you find your heart's desires
And may you go not gently, my love,
With my heart, with my soul.

"May you fall not to angel's wings
May you live on for eternity
And may you seek not, my love
The death of me.

"May you go on to be you
May you dream once more, my love
And may you do what's to your heart right
With hope and love.

"May you come to be great
May you go to a place of dreams
And may you follow me once more
With dreams in your heart
." As soon as the song was over, she weakly pressed the stop button on the stereo and collapsed to the floor, tears coming freely.

Come home, Cid...Please, come home...

Lol and I agree with the thing- it's way too true. ;P
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