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Stronger than That

*Laughs* A word to the wise, never go to fanfiction.net before bedtime! Otherwise, you may end up with shit like this. Mercifully ljcut for some, this is a POV story from Cid's perepctive.

Title: Stronger than That
Author: Griff
Rating: PG (For Cid's colorful language)
Characters: Cid Highwind and Shera

Stronger than That
By Griff

You know, I've sat at the Rocket Town limits for some time now, just leanin' on my plane and lookin' out towards my house. 'I am not some damn coward,' I keep telling myself and yet I wont take a few simple steps. I wont go to the damn house because I know she'll be waitin' for me there... and the whole damn process will start all over again!

Why the Hell does she stay around? Is she a fucking masochit or something? She does all of the damn chores, fixes the tea, watches the house... all while I swear ever damn swear word known to man (and some that arent) at her. I've done everythin short of hit her, and I wont EVER do that. So then why? Why the Hell does she stay? She has even saved my damn life... twice!

You know, everytime I see here I cant help but feel so any things. Anger, annoyance, sadness... Heh, its funny. As many times as I have told her to leave, I cant imagine life without her. And that scares the fucking Hell out of me.

At one time... it was pretty damn different. Back when we were still working on Shinra #26 and everyone was filled with high hopes and dreams. Shera and I had been working together for some time... and I respected her. She had the damn brains for the job and damn it I... dreamed of having something together with her. Fucking hard to admit now, as Ive tried these past years to convince myself I laothe her completely.

So what happened? I saw my dreams for space shatter in a damn instant and that... Hell. I wont go into that, but lets just say nobody would be the same after that. I started to treat her like shit, trying to drive her away. But she stayed around anyways, still refering to me as Captain. When I look aty her, even now, I see my own damn weaknesses, my own limits, staring right back at me. Afraid to chase after the dream I once had... afraid that it would shatter to shit just like the dream before it.

...I know. Pretty fuckin pathetic huh? I hate having damn limits! Makes me feel like some pathetic, weak kid. You know, thats why I wnated to fly originally. I wanted to surprass my limits, and more! And yet how it it the biggest fuckin limit of all is still right here, staring at me from across the street?

"Captain?" A tug on the shoulder, but I dont even have to turn yet to know who it is. Its her, guess I'd have to face her sooner or later huh? Might as well turn to face her and... SHIT! Her eyes are red! Has she been... "I was worried that you'd" she tries to say.

"Im stronger than that," I tell her, about to roll my eyes when I stop. Hell, you know what? I AM stronger than that! Sure, Im afraid of loosin it all again... but isnt bein afraid bein human? And last I checked, I was still human. Tears are in her eyes now... joy? I dont know but I wipe them off with the aviator's scarf I always keep tied around me, and she gives me a surprised look.

"Captain?" she asks me, her tone slightly confused. Hell... I guess I would be too if I were her. I thought back to the day we met... to the names we used then.

"Cid... call me Cid Sher," I finally tell her. Her eyes light up, in a way that I had never seen them since before the incident. I cant help but smile because she looks like a giant weight hasbeen lifted off of her shoulders. Her arms slip around me... and she just holds me. And I dont push away. Not this time, not ever again.

Because I'm stronger than that.
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